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Geauga Family Farms

It’s finally spring and before long we will be harvesting lots of great certified-organic vegetables to put into shares for members of our CSA program. This year, we have new pick-up sites in Beachwood, Hudson and Munson Township, as well as an exciting new spot in Painesville.

We are taking applications now! Please apply by May 15, 2015. We have almost finalized the details for this year’s pick-up sites. If you haven’t already made your choice, we will contact you soon to select your site. Most of our sites from last year are available again, in addition to the new sites.

From The Fair Share: April 2, 2015Newsletter

Sweet maple syrup season… Summer pick-up locations… we need office equipment! and spread the word about the CSA… Read newsletter…

A Heartfelt Thanks from the Owens

We have been members of the Geauga Family Farms CSA program for 2 years now, and I wanted to send you guys a heartfelt THANKS.

The produce has been consistently WONDERFUL, and we have gotten so spoiled! We just finished the last item from our winter share, and we are already counting down until we can start up again next year!

We have also been to several of the farm tours and have really enjoyed each one. We pick up from Miller’s Organic Produce, and Andy and his family have always been incredibly helpful and friendly. After meeting the farmers we’ve been truly inspired by what a good local food system can do. We hope to spread the word and help our families reconnect with their own local food networks.

Thanks so much, you all do such important work, it’s hard to put into words. THANK YOU FOR FEEDING US!!

Have a happy holiday season, and keep warm this winter.

Jen, Peter, and Henry Owens

About our CSA

We offer various CSA programs throughout the growing season, including our most popular one, the 20-week Summer CSA. Shares are delivered weekly to pick-up sites throughout Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake and Summit, and now Trumbull, counties. Items in your share will vary as the season progresses.

If you are a CSA member and are not receiving our weekly newsletters during the summer season, please contact us.

Welcome to the Geauga Family Farms community! We are a group of small family farms in the Cleveland, Ohio, area working together as a cooperative to support each other in the farming way of life. We run summer and winter CSA (community supported agriculture) programs through our produce farms. Shares can be picked up at sites in Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Summit and Trumbull counties. Our meat-producing farms have a range of meat and poultry available throughout the year. Our produce growers are certified-organic farms promoting a sustainable approach to agriculture and protection of our natural resources. We are thrilled to be able to provide the people of Northeast Ohio with nutritious food for their tables – healthy food from healthy soils for healthy people.

To be notified of application availability and deadlines, as well as the latest news from the farms, sign up for our newsletter.

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